Our Team

Nadeen Bir
Nadeen Bir
Director of Finance and Human Resources
Nadeen Bir (she, her) is a Palestinian-American who grew up in Kentucky and South Carolina. Since 2002, she has worked with social justice movements in North Carolina, particularly with immigrant/Latinx communities, farmworkers, and labor rights organizations. She has worked with youth of all ages and families and has held various leadership positions at El Pueblo, IUE-CWA nonprofit workers union, El Centro Hispano, and Student Action with Farmworkers. She has fought for in-state tuition, an end to child labor, and supported worker-led campaigns. Most recently, she worked as the Associate Director at Southern Vision Alliance, a Southern regional movement infrastructure organization working to disrupt and transform power for collective liberation. Nadeen studied Spanish and political science at the College of Charleston, SC. She enjoys spending time in nature with her family and their dog Mr. Scruffers.
Coral Feigin
Coral Feigin
Director of Organizational Development

Coral (she, her) is an abolitionist organizer, freedom schemer and behind-the-scenes infrastructure builder based in Middle Tennessee. She is a queer white Jewish trans femme who has worked in racial, gender, and economic justice movements for over 10 years. Coral has organized with organizations including Critical Resistance, the Transgender Gendervariant Intersex Justice Project, and the Western Regional Advocacy Project to fight for a world free of policing, imprisonment, surveillance, and the criminal legal system. She fell in love with Southern queer and trans organizers which siren sung her to root herself in the struggle for liberation in the South.

Alyzza May
Director of Development

Alyzza May (they, them) is an angelic troublemaker, moving in the lineages of cultural workers, popular educators, and community builders alike. They bring over a decade of grassroots fundraising experience to Press On, most recently showcasing this skill with Greensboro Mutual Aid. Co-creating aspects of the solidarity and new economies have been a focus of theirs, having helped bring the first participatory budgeting process to the South in Greensboro, North Carolina, working with the Fund for Democratic Communities in the field of cooperative economics, curating over a dozen community-engaged murals, and most recently helping to launch Freedom Fridges. Alyzza is a former member of Cakalak Thunder, plant daddy, and a proud Titi to two puntastic twins.

Neesha Powell-Ingabire                                                                             Director of Popular Education

Neesha Powell-Ingabire (they, she) is a coastal Georgia-born-and-raised movement journalist, essayist, community & cultural organizer, resource mobilizer, cat parent, spouse, and auntie living in Atlanta/occupied Muscogee territory. In 2016, she co-founded Queer The Land, a collaborative project grounded in the self-determination of trans and queer Black/Indigenous/people of color and members’ vision of collectively stewarding land and owning their labor.

Neesha graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Georgia College. Over the past decade, her writing has been published in various online and print publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, the Oxford American, Scalawag, and VICE. She reports on the justice movements of the Black, trans, queer, and Southern communities to which she belongs and writes essays to recover her own history and the histories of her ancestors and their ancestral homes. Her debut book, a collection of personal essays that juxtapose the fraught racial history of coastal Georgia with her lived experiences growing up there as a disabled and queer Black girl, will be published by Hub City Press in fall 2024.