Southern Movement Media Fund

2021-2022 Grantees

Southern Movement Media Fund

2020 Grantees

2023-2024 Grantees


Better to Speak:

Better to Speak is led by young Black folks who work at the intersection of social activism and media. They strive to help build a world where Black people are free and a culture that empowers Black youth and young adults to explore and actualize the power of our voices and stories.

Oye Vecino:

A project of Tennessee Justice for Our Neighbors. Oye Vecino is a Spanish language podcast created to inform and empower immigrant families living in the United States. Their show covers topics including DACA updates, responding to the opioid crisis, taxes & COVID-19.  

The Durham SeaRealists:

The Durham SeaRealists/Nonlinear Times break apart images of “reality” with aquatic immersion, art, and play to spark collective imaginings and conversations about abolitionist futures. The Searealists are a group of artists, activists, educators, researchers, writers, journalists, performers, sailors, and community-builders based in Durham, North Carolina.

Black Organizing for Leadership and Development:

Black Organizing for Leadership and Development facilitates social transformation and improves the living conditions of Black people by (re)building the social justice infrastructure required to organize Black communities. BOLD fulfills its purpose by equipping Black organizers and Black leaders of social justice organizations with the personal and organizational tools they need to build and sustain allied social movements.  

Workers’ Dignity:

Workers’ Dignity is an organization led by low-wage workers who know that they deserve to live and work with dignity. We believe that transforming society requires working-class people of all races, ages, and walks of life to build resilient and democratic organizations capable of disrupting strategic institutions and industries. Only then will we be able to seize power and shape our own conditions. 104.1 FM WDYO, a project of Workers’ Dignity, is Nashville’s only worker-powered radio station.


Okra, a project of Alternate Roots is a storytelling, archival, and organizing project of Southern stories and perspectives from frontline leaders around the climate crisis. It takes the form of three multimedia publications which contain stories, best practices, strategies, and narratives of joy, all centered around addressing the deepening climate crisis. Okra as a platform has three aims/goals: to gather organizers, amplify the work and connection of a region of people, and advance climate justice. 

Feed Durham:

Feed Durham is a scrappy mutual aid collective that came together in response to mounting hunger in the Durham area, due to COVID. Since 2020, they have fed 150,000+ neighbors in need through massive no-contact cookouts, where they lovingly prepare meals for 500 people per day, and offer grocery give-aways. They feed & document feeding elders, people living in cars and on the streets, widows, unsupported LGBTQ+ folks, undocumented families, the homebound and chronically ill, elementary students and their families.