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Through Level Up: Transformative Education for Journalistswe offer the following interactive online trainings and workshops for journalists and newsrooms. Each module is 60 – 120 minutes depending on the needs of the group.



Audience: Anyone interested in the history and future of “movement journalism.” 

What is “movement journalism”? 


Audience: People who wish to deepen their analysis of the relationship between power and identity, the history of oppression and how both relates to the field of journalism. Ideal for people currently working in journalism, journalism education, or journalism funding and infrastructure. 

Understanding Identity and Power

New Faces in Broken Places: Why Diversity is Not Enough  

Examining Oppression in Journalism

How Journalists Resist Oppression, Historically and Today

Beyond the “Objectivity” Myth in Journalism 


Audience: Journalists looking for deeper understanding and action steps to do responsible reporting and write stories that matter. Ideal for people currently working in journalism or journalism education, or aspiring journalists. 

The Ethics of “Movement Journalism” 

Ethical Reporting on Police Violence and Black-Led Resistance  

Anti-oppressive language in the newsroom

Parachute journalism and reporting on communities you’re not a part of 

We tell our own stories: Doing Journalism in Your Own Community 

Interviewing With An Anti-oppression Lens 

Journalism After Coronavirus 

Shifting the Narrative through Journalism 


Audience: Journalists ready to take action to change environments, structures, and systems. Ideal for people currently working in journalism, journalism education, or journalism funding and infrastructure.

How to Start Your Own Outlet 

Tactics for Addressing Toxic Newsroom Culture

Standing Up for Justice In Your Newsroom (Community Organizing 101 for Journalists) 

Worker Solidarity 101 for Journalists 


Audience: Journalists, communicators and movement-builders. Journalism experience not required. This will periodically be offered as a training series geared towards social justice activists at sliding-scale rates.

Podcasting for the Movement  

How to Structure a Social Justice Podcast 

Writing for Radio and Podcast 

How to Conduct Amazing Podcast and Radio Interviews 

Audio Editing 101 

Audio Editing 201 

Podcast Budget, Fundraising, and Distribution for Movement-Builders