Our Mission

Press On is a Southern media collective that catalyzes change and advances justice through the practice of movement journalism.

We are journalists, storytellers, and organizers rooted in, and practicing solidarity with, oppressed communities that birth social movements. We are based in the South, and we strive to uphold Southern traditions of storytelling that have long resisted the systems of extraction, exploitation, and colonization that have defined mainstream journalism.

By providing a diverse set of resources including trainings, fellowships and opportunities for network-building, Press On aims to help journalists and storytellers produce reporting that’s driven by communities that are building power to create transformative social change.

What is Movement Journalism?

Movement journalism is journalism in service to liberation. This does not mean turning journalists into soapboxes for activists, but fostering collaboration between journalists and grassroots movements, and supporting journalism created by oppressed and marginalized people.

“Social movements are made up of communities of people who are building power to change conditions for the better. When we talk about movement journalism, we mean journalism that strives to meet the needs of communities that are directly affected by injustice, and that are taking action toward liberation for all people.”

Anna Simonton, co-founder of Press On

Our Values

WE BELIEVE that the South is the critical site for leadership in the growing practice of movement journalism, and that Black Southern freedom struggles serve as a model for liberation.

WE BELIEVE that journalism driven by people who are building power within marginalized and oppressed communities is necessary to creating transformative social change.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO producing journalism that is transparent, accurate, and evidence-based.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO using journalism as a tool to support social justice organizing, and to use organizing as a tool to transform the field of journalism.

THROUGH THIS WORK WE HONOR the legacy and lived experiences of the communities we are a part of and in solidarity with: Black and indigenous people, immigrants, oppressed people in rural communities, queer and trans people, and all systematically oppressed Southerners, from the Delta to Appalachia, who tell stories to ensure our humanity, dignity and power.