Press On

A Southern media collective for movement journalism

Who we are

We are journalists, storytellers, and organizers rooted in, and practicing solidarity with, oppressed communities that birth social movements.

What is movement journalism?

Movement journalism is journalism in service to liberation. This does not mean turning journalists into soapboxes for activists, but fostering collaboration between journalists and grassroots movements, and supporting journalism created by oppressed and marginalized people.

Our Programs

We aim to help journalists and storytellers produce reporting that’s driven by communities that are building power to create transformative social change.

Level Up

Level Up is an education program that works to equip journalists and community media makers with the analysis, skills, and tools they need to transform the field of journalism and expand the practice of Southern movement journalism.

Freedomways Reporting Residency

The Freedomways Reporting Residency is a training program rooted in the principles of movement journalism and for journalists, storytellers, and organizers in the U.S. South whose work serves to advance justice.

Illustration by Nobie R. Martin


Southern Movement Media Fund

The Southern Movement Media Fund provides individual and collective grants to Southern media makers and journalists who practice movement journalism, providing them support to work alongside their communities, with each other, and movement partners to produce the news and information people need to make informed decisions about their lives.


Together, we can catalyze change and advance justice through the practice of movement journalism.


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…This moment calls for radical thinking — for fundamentally reimagining the role of the journalist. By seeking a rigorous understanding of history, learning how to work collaboratively with shared trust and agency, and building collective power, journalism can rise to meet this moment in a spirit of liberation and resistance.

— Press On team